Menominee River Rafting

The Menominee River Piers Gorge stretch of river consists of 4 main rapids. The first rapid is known as Sand Portage because rumor has it that the indians wore the rocks into sand with the many times they used the trail on river left to portage the gorge. As you come down from Sand Portage towards the 3rd Pier (known as Misicot Falls) you will see a sand beach on the left side of the river. Granite cliffs surround the river where the horizon line marks the drop of Misicot Falls and you will hear the roar from the falls as you approach. The drop itself is a 10' cascade into the gorge. The falls are V-shaped and the idea is to hit the falls in the center of the V. An exciting, huge, submerged boulder known as Volkswagen Rock lies a short distance below the inverted V. After Misicot Falls and Volkswagen Rock, a rock ledge is often exposed forming a small island named "Cudaghi Island". Just below the island is an awesome hole named "Chicken-Ender". Thirty yards after "Cudaghi Island" is a submerged ledge that creates a 4 -5 foot drop that spans the river. A large wave and two deep holes in rapid succession, known as the "2 Sisters" quickly follow.

A wavy rapids occur in the bend below the "2 Sisters" . The river widens and slows after the rapids. Class 1 - 2 waves lead into Terminal Surf, a deep hole formed by a submerged ledge that spans the river. The hole is very easy to underestimate, and cannot be seen until you are right in it. The landing which is where Thornton's rafting trip ends is about 200 yards past Terminal Surf on the left bank of the river.

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Menominee River Water Information provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

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Keep In Mind

  • All rafters should be prepared for any weather conditions Mother Nature has in store as well as all river conditions.
  • Please be advised that anyone or group that fails to show up for their rafting appointment will be charged the full amount.

Menominee River Raft Trips: Class II - IV

The Menominee River offers high adrenaline whitewater action and is run in 5 to 8 person rafts. Your trip begins at the spectacular 200' cliffs bordering Wisconsin and Michigan in calm water so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and do some swimming. Down river you will experience a class IV slide named Missicot Falls along with several class II and III rapids all in one of the most beautiful river gorge settings in the Midwest. We run all the rapids twice, all trips are guided with professionally trained guides. River levels are controlled by the Little Quinnesec Falls Dam, which generally has a steady release rate for consistent whitewater throughout the summer and fall.

We take out right after the Piers Gorge section where a bus is waiting to take you back to your vehicles. Our outpost is conveniently located on Hwy 141.

Trips Are Run

10am & 2pm unless pre-arranged


Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
$46.00 per person including all gear and tax
Monday - Thursday
$42.00 per person including all gear and tax

Check-in 30 minutes before your trip leaves. Trips must leave on time.

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Rafting on the Menominee today at 3800 cfs, great job Randy.

Posted by Thornton's Rafting Resort and Campgrounds-Splatterhaus Paintball on Saturday, April 11, 2015